Profile : NDX9
Engineer. Living in Japan. Male.
I launched this site when I bought new single-lens reflex camera. Canon EOS Kiss X9.
I also drive my beloved vehicle Mazda Roadster. The model code is ND.
My ID NDX9 came from those those cool properties.
About : nanoMacro
Mainly, drawing portfolio.
Original hand drawn sketches as well as adjusted, mixed and/or re-touched ones.

The site name 'nanoMacro' is made-up word.
Initially, it was 'micMacro' as combined word of micro and macro.
But, I found someone is using it already. So, I changed.
'Nano' is 10^-9. 'Micro' is 10^-6.
Global population as of 2017 is over 7x10^9.
Which is to say, one person is one of 7x10^9. Very tiny.
However, sometimes one person shows power even to make the world go round.
'nanoMacro' contains such my thought.

'Micro(nano)' and 'Macro'.
'Abstract' and 'Concrete'.
'Subjective' and 'Objective'...
Intelligence is high-speed reciprocating motion of those contraries.
Quoted from my favorite Japanese business scholar Ken-Kusunoki.

Ah...Sorry...seems to be too much as just a description of my site.
I appreciate your visit itself.
If you feel something by brawsing, I will be very grateful.
Thank you! 
Thank you!
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